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Vibhakar Upamanyu


I am pleased to welcome you to our website.
Hari sewa welfare services cover a range of preventive, nurturing, supportive and remedial measures. We seek to allocate resources to the most needy to meet their basic needs and help them move from welfare to self-reliance.



We created this NGO because of we want to give an opportunity to help the poor children and youths to have a good life in their future. We also want to reduce the poverty in their families and in their communities. These aims should primarily be accomplished through education.

D.P. Diwvedi

Dipty Manager

Working as the male coordinator of the Hari Sewa Sansthan, I feel honored to be a part of this organization. This is a fine platform layd by the socialist who are quite active to collect donations from the different people and then later serve humanity by helping the people in different ways. I wish the team a very best of luck.

Vandana Shukla


That some body can be a Social worker, a compassionate soul or an aspiring world changer. Social workers relaize now is the time to act. I wish the Team a very best of luck.

Advo. S. Chandra

Legal Adviser

The Clock is ticking and not one minute can be relived. A social worker is pulled in a million directions and each minute is lived to the fullest.

Prabhakar mani


Social workers are a part of the few who do care. They care about social injustices committed every day, across the globe – behind closed doors and out in the open . They are the ones who care enough to believe they can make the world a better place.

Kuldeep Raghav

State Coordinator

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Mahendra Kumar

State Coordinator

HSS is a society which is based on social person, who collect Donation from the society and help serving humanity. As being the responsible member of this society, I motivate the members to increase their activities and keep on helping humanity.

Er. Manish Mishra

Tech. Inch

Every Charitable act is a stepping stone towords heaven.

V. M. Shukla


Every Charitable act is a stepping stone towords heaven.

Uma Nath


Every Charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.

Ashwini kumar


Every Charitable act is a stepping stone towords heaven.

Dinesh Chandra


Every Charitable act is a stepping stone towords heaven.