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" लोकप्रियता नहीं वरन् जन - आस्था में विश्वास"



The main objective of Hari Sewa Sansthan is to organize, help and carry on measures for Child & women Development, Gender Equality, Environment & Foresty, Poverty Allevation, Skill Development & Training, Empowerment of  Disabilities persons , Health & Wellbeing, Quality Education, as more objective. Awareness about some of the diseases like AIDS,   Inseflitis, cancer and HIV is created among st the people by running and setting up camps all through the people. Slum, poor and street children are provided education free of cost at secondary, primary and higher secondary levels at the coaching established by Hari Sewa Sansthan.

Financial assistance, food, clothing and medication and needs of other kinds are fulfilled of the victims facing the calamity. In various parts of rural India, camps are run free of cost regularly. To safeguard the environment at global level efforts are made in enhancing the civil society’s role. Children from the slum are provided nutritious food and that too free of cost. Hari Sewa Sansthan also implements, schemes for the welfare of Peoples.


We work  in Gonda, Mahrajganj, Siddhartnagar etc. in Uttar Pradesh and  reached  Bihar, Haryana and Rajsthan  in these States too.


As a society  HARI SEWA SANSTHAN.  Hari sewa  is a voluntary organisation from Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. We envision ourselves as a medium for building an inclusive society that prospers in harmony with its surroundings. All our work is based on the inherent dignity and worth of people and we continuously seek to innovate strategies to make this a lived reality in all spheres of life.

Since its registration in 2010 the NGO has been active in spreading awareness about Health & Wellbeing, Quality Education, Environment & Forestry Women Empowerment, Child Development, Poverty Allivation, Livelihood, Skill Development & Training,  Water Shed & Agriculture, Sanitation  and Social evils prevalent among economically and socially disadvantaged people.