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Care for the needy, destitute and physically challenged

How We Work

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Where We Work

Gonda (Uttar Pradesh) India

Grow Up Humanity

Hari Sewa Sansthan is a registered NGO that currently operate in the state of Uttar  Pradesh.  Bihar, Haryana and Rajsthan  reached in these States. Hari sewa,s Head Office in Gonda Uttar Pradesh. Plus, we have several branch offices too.

As our name suggests, we consider it a privilege to be able to do “Sewa”, to serve our fellow human – beings with the utmost dedication and compassion. We believe that every life has equal value and an equal right to live with dignity.

We  have been, and are currently working on many different projects, Health & wellbeing, Quality Education, Environment & Forestry Women Empowerment, Child Development, Poverty Allivation, Livelihood, Skill Development & Training, Water Shade & Agriculture, health check-up and Awareness camps for Rural & Urban. We are also in the process of planning many more initiatives for our beneficiaries.

Our Impact :

Hari sewa,s reach and presence in current People Directly, Indirectly in four states Thirty District.

Core Values :

H    Honest

A    Accountabilty (Social)

    Respect for All

I      Independent


E    Empathetic





“As one person I can’t change the world,  But I can change the world of one person.”


Name:- Mrs. Madhuri Maithil
Bldgrp:- B+

Name:- Mrs.Vaishali
Bldgrp:- O+

Name:- Mr.Prabhakar
Bldgrp:- O+

Name:- Ms. Priya
Bldgrp:- O+

Name:- Ms. Anupama
Bldgrp:- B+

Name:- Mrs. Shashi
Bldgrp:- O-

Name:- Mrs. Lokesh
Bldgrp:- O-

Name:- Ms. Sakshi
Bldgrp:- B-

Name:- Mr. Rishabh
Bldgrp:- B-

Name:- Mr. Nitin
Bldgrp:- B+

Name:- Mr. Bhanu
Bldgrp:- B+

Name:- Mr. Rahul pratap
Bldgrp:- A+

Name:- Dr. V.M.Shukla
"Ved Eye Care"


"Beti to hai jag ki Janni, Hamen hai raksha iski karni."